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Inspiring Bold Leadership for a Better World!

Ever wonder how other successful leaders in high-tech get their "real" work done during the day, have time to think strategically and drive greater business results --  and still manage to make it home on time for dinner?

Sound impossible in your do-more-with-less always-on work world?   It’s not!

Simply by tweaking your approach to the way you work, you can create the time and the space to think bigger and act bigger.   The result: accelerate your career, set yourself apart from the competition, boost your business results and have more time for life beyond work.

Discover how to:

  • Get clarity on what you really want and take big bold action to get  you there
  • Play to your strengths to drive more productive results, with less effort
  • Increase your focus on strategic issues
  • Articulate your unique professional value and create your own Personal Brand
  • Increase your ability to influence and drive change through the organization via compelling communication, shared-leadership models, negotiation and networking
  • Get more leverage from your teams, empowering them to take on more responsibility and accountability
  • Build sustainable systems that support your strategic, personal and professional goals
  • Have more time to live your life.

Why listen to me? Hello, my name is Anne Raymond and I worked in high-tech for 14 years leading global technical and business teams before I became coach.  Now I focus on helping go-getters like you who want to accelerate their career, and build a strong foundation for success with both sanity and sustainability. I am  passionate about assisting high-tech leaders succeed in this global ultra-competitive, fast paced environment. It is so easy to get bogged-down with the everyday but with my help, you can optimize the way you operate, giving you more time to think -- and act  -- bigger.  You’ll have renewed focus on strategy and innovation, making yourself and your company more competitive.