3 Ways To Make Your Mindset Your Alley In Everything You Do!

Published on December 16, 2011 by Anne Raymond

Your mindset can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy! You have upwards of 65,000 thoughts every day.  Whatever you focus on expands so you better make whatever you THINK about really great!

Your thoughts create your reality.  Your thoughts are key in your confidence, willingness, and motivation to take ACTION! Action creates forward momentum and progress.  This is especially important when you want to makes changes and innovate whether for yourself or on a strategic project!

We all have an "Inner Critic" or as I like to call them - GREMLINS. If you're going along at the status quo, the gremlins may not rear their ugly heads quite as much.  But if you're in a chaotic environment, making big changes, stretching yourself to grow and reach a really big goal, or in an environment of negativity, then the GREMLINS can be out in full force.  The GREMLINS include the self-doubt, the fears, the "who do you think you are" and "not-good-enough" thoughts that enter our mind.

What are the benefits of having GREMLINS? Not much really!  Perhaps there are some real fears that should be looked at to ensure our safety and de-risk situations.  But for the most part, these GREMLINS are self-imposed limits that hold us back and keep us thinking small and staying small.  They really keep us STUCK so we're not willing to make decisions or take action! How can you think really BIG and act really BOLD and push the limits of your own growth and your company's innovation when your own mindset is in the way??!!

If you want to think bigger and act bolder, your thoughts have to align with what you're doing and where you're going!

Remember the only person that is imposing a limit is YOU based on your thoughts, experience, and expectations!

1) Be AWARE of your own THOUGHTS !
The first step is to become aware of what you are thinking and what you're telling yourself.
Remember, you do have a CHOICE on what you THINK so choose wisely!!

2) Create a SUPPORTIVE "thoughts" environment!
Turn your GREMLINS into ALLIES!  You ARE what YOU THINK! Become aware of what you say to yourself.  Write it down and make a choice to change it.

3)  Create a New Inspiring Thought
What is a new and inspiring thought that can propel you into action and keep you moving forward.  I always use the Nike saying "Just Do It"!  What's yours?

Your bonus challenge is to:

"Never, never, never say ANYHING negative about yourself!"
- David Neagle -