3 Ways To Set Up Your Environment For Your Success!

Published on February 15, 2011 by Anne Raymond

Have you ever been around a group of people that are negative, critical of everything, and just a big-downer to be around? Do you find you get sucked into being negative just because everyone around you is too?   This type of  environment can suck the energy and inspiration out of you in an instant.  Beware!  Your environment has a big impact on you.  Choose wisely!

Think about Darwin's Theory of Evolution and how animals and plants adapted over time to the specifics of their environment. For instance, a bird may evolve with a longer harder beak if it had to get food by burrowing into a tree.  In the same way, our environment changes who we are as a person as well as our attitude, outlook, and motivation.

Environments can include the people that you work with or hang-out with, the home and neighborhood you live in, and the amount of physical or mental clutter you are carrying around with you. It's amazing what small tweaks to your environment can do to inspire you and propel you forward.    It's all about "designing" what you want and then setting up your environment for success.

Here are three environments you can consider upgrading that will really make a difference:

1) People

Who do you spend the most time with?  It has been often said that the 7 people that you spend the most time with will also influence you the most!  Are these people inspirational, motivational, and successful?  If not, why not?  If you have people in your life that aren't aligned with where you want to go, you have a choice to change.  Search for people that inspire you and reach out and get to know them better!  Dump some old relationships (or at least reduce the amount of time you spend) that aren't inspiring and energizing!  Surround yourself with other high-achievers that want to make a big impact and see how you can help them (and they can help you)!   Find a coach, a mentor, or a mastermind group to challenge and support you to be your best self and help propel you forward.

2) Places

Everyone is so busy these days that sometimes our physical environment (home, office, car) is often neglected.  When our physical space is cluttered, our brain also gets cluttered so we're not at our best for getting focused and thinking more strategically.  Get organized and then develop systems that keep you organized in a consistent and sustainable way.   Create something in your environment that reminds you of your vision or a big goal.  It could be a picture or an object that you see every day that represents that big goal.

3) Ideas

Are your ideas really part of your environment?  A resounding yes!  How do you upgrade your environment of ideas??  The first thing you can do is to create the time, the energy, and the space in an inspirational environment so you can do your most creative and focused thinking.  To inject new ideas into your environment, you may read magazines or books, go to a conference, or brainstorm with a room full of people.  How will you change your ideas environment to come up with the most creative, innovative solutions to your biggest challenges???

Hope this gets you started in designing your people, places, and ideas to inspire you to think bigger and act bigger in this world!

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