Celebration of Peace and Freedom!

Published on November 11, 2010 by Anne Raymond

Believe me, I've seen the impact of war!  Not like some people who have seen it firsthand, but through my father's eyes!  I'm privileged to have a father who survived WWII.  He was a bomber pilot in his early twenties when he went to England with thousands of other men and women to fight for our peace  and our freedom.  

The war deeply affected him in ways that I'm really only beginning to understand. This week, I had the pleasure of watching him speak to school of students and he was proud of the role that Canadians played on the famous battle of Vimy Ridge during WWI and he regaled us all with the challenges of flying a plane in the 1940's in WWII (not quite like the comfort of today's airplane travel).  The stories are so conflicting: the horror of war and the camaraderie of soldiers who became life-long friends.

Today, I had the opportunity to visit my children's school during their Remembrance Day Ceremony.  It was a true appreciation for the soldiers that fought for our country and a celebration of the peace and freedom that we are allowed to enjoy!  It was filled with poems and song and skits about the wars but also about  peace and hope and making the world a better place! 

Others have given us our freedom!  Now, allow yourself this gift of freedom and lead boldly in every aspect of your life, and see how you can make the world a better place too!