Focus, Focus, Focus for 2011

Published on February 2, 2011 by Anne Raymond

What you focus on expands to fill your mind and your time! When you focus and take action in a big way, you get results. This isn't always easy in our complex world of distractions and interruptions. It requires setting stronger boundaries around us and filtering out the things that aren't helping us along. It also means setting yourself up for success and creating a Focus mindset! And orienting your time around your biggest priorities.

Let's consider how our brain operates and helps us focus. Why don't you try a little experiment called the "Red Car Focus Finder". For the next week think of red cars every day. Then, count how many red cars you see during the week. Can you guess what happens? When you're brain focuses on red cars, it sees more of them. Our brain has been conditioned to filter things and focus on what it's looking for. Amazing!

Consider these 3 steps when you're planning out your year:

1) Create a FOCUS theme!
Choose a word or a phrase that will guide you throughout the year. Make it something strong and powerful and meaningful that will ignite passion and inspire you to take action. Think of it every day and post it where you can see it. My theme for the year is "BOLD"! Bold in my business, bold in my health, bold in my actions, and bold in my decluttering! It inspires me to take action with a determined and knowing mindset. What theme would you like for the year?

2) FOCUS on the 3 Most Important Projects
What are the 3 Most Important Projects for you to succeed at this year? Yes, you'll likely do more than 3 projects this year, but what are the 3 MOST important ones that will make the biggest impact to you and want you want out of this year. Think of the 80/20 rule here.

For each project, determine: What will winning look like? What will you need to delegate or outsource to focus on these projects? What will you need to let go of? What valuable relationships will you need to build? Who can support you? What will learn? What will you gain by succeeding?

Think of your 3 Most Important Projects every day and post them where you can see them. What's the next ACTION in each project that you need to do today to gain some momentum and move forward?

3) Create a FOCUS Environment
Clear the decks! Clean up your clutter! Get unplugged! Get rid or distractions and interruptions! Create "rocks" (much needed chunks of time) in your schedule to focus, focus, focus on your 3 Most Important Projects every week! Create an inspiring environment that will support you in achieving your goals!

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