Gain Motivation and Confidence By Celebrating Your Success!

Published on June 28, 2012 by Anne Raymond

Have you ever felt like you aren't accomplishing enough and there is so much still to do?!!  This is a sign of a high-achiever and go-getter who has a lot on their plate and is willing to strive higher!  Mostly good except when you're losing motivation or getting plain ol' tired! 

Our motivation comes from the "feeling" we get of success which give you confidence and can carry you through mountains of challenges when stretching towards your big vision!  Without motivation, you're apt to get burned out or lose your drive.  (Note that it can also come from NOT being aligned with your Strengths and greatest Unique Value!)

Over the last few weeks, I've gone through the reflection process with many of my clients as we review the last 6-10 months of our work together before we "break" for summer!  The feedback that I almost always get is what a good idea it is to review and reflect progress and success.  We get caught up with our busy lives and all there is to do ahead of us, we forget to SLOW down even for a moment to think about where we've come from!

So pick a quiet unplugged place and take a look at the questions below and see what you have to say for yourself!  Take some time to review and reflect your answers.  (Note: You can also do this with a team!)Questions for success over the last 6 months, think about:

  • What were your Wins (big and small) for the last 6 months?
  • What were some major shifts for you?
  • What time savers, systems did you develop?
  • What and how did you outsource or delegate?
  • How did you play to your strengths
  • Build your brandRaise your visibility?
  • Who did you connect with and where did you build valuable relationships?
  • What mindset shifts did you have?
  • How did you think more strategically?
  • Where did you influence direction?

If you're like one of my clients, you may find the results so satisfying you may decide to do it more often!!  What a good way to track your success and have a record of all you've done over the year!

Now it's time to celebrate!