Get More Done When You Tame Your Inner Control Freak!

Published on June 2, 2011 by Anne Raymond

Inner Control FreakDo you ever feel like you’re involved in too many details because you like to steer the ship? Don’t worry, you’re not alone on this front!  I see high-achievers get involved with more than they should because they can do a lot of things really well and they want to be successful!  By being in control, you get to call the shots but as you grow and expand your empire (your business, your responsibilities, etc) you could be left exhausted and over-extended.  And more importantly, you could be getting caught in the details when you should be focusing your time and effort on the big picture where you can provide the most value with the greatest impact!

So time to assess your ICF or your Inner Control Freak and see if it is a little out-of-control!

Here are 3 ways to let go, let other take the reins, and get on to your own stuff!

1.  Set Expectations Up Front
When working with others, ensure that proper expectations are set and clearly define what a successful outcome looks like (think end results).  Let others get involved from the beginning so that they have the history and get to set the course on what and how things get done.  As long as things are moving along and the results are achieved, let go of how you would do it and celebrate the opportunity for someone else to learn and grow and succeed!

2.  Remove Yourself From the Situation
When allowing others to do things, you need to just let them do it!  It might be a little messy, like watching my children bake in the kitchen.  I find it better to avert your eyes and do a little cleaning up afterwards then to watch every movement and and look for improvements (aka - criticize!).   Works the same way in the professional world too.  Perhaps you need to get out of the meeting and let your prime run with it.  As long as you have regular (but not micro-managed) check-ins to provide support then you can focus on other things.

3.  Overcoming Your Own Perfection
Let go of your ICF and let your standards shift accordingly!  Focus your standards on perfection and excellence when it is required.  But sometimes you need to look at the 80/20 rule and see where good enough is really good enough.   Sometimes you need to leverage the areas with the greatest impact and let go of the rest of the details.

Time to focus on the big picture and drive results in the most important areas at work and in your life!