Happy New Year! Celebrate 2010!

Published on January 18, 2011 by Anne Raymond

Happy New Year! Hope you had a fantastic holiday and closed out the new year with a bang! We raised a cheer with our good friends in sunny California where we totally lucked out with the weather. It was sunny and clear except for one day of pouring rain. All was not lost as we spent the day at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacfic where we were able to pet stingrays and sharks! Very cool.

It's only the second week of January and 2010 seems so long ago now. Have you had a chance to celebrate your accomplishments for the year? I know with most high-achieving go-getters that I work with, they've already forgotten last year and are on to this year. But by reflecting on what we've accomplished, we can learn, apply, and reset for a new year.  So, if you haven't already.......get unplugged and take some time to write-out all the great things you did in 2010.

Why don't you include all those big things and small things that really made a difference.

Here are a few questions to review to celebrate all your success in 2010:

  • What were your WINS? 
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
  • What challenge did you overcome?
  • What opportunity did to you take (or make)?
  • Who supported you and your goals? 
  • Who did you support/mentor/coach?
  • How did you engage your team or family?
  • What project/direction did you influence the most?
  • What did you do to free up your time and energy?
  • What system did you implement that helped the most?
  • What strength did you leverage?
  • What did you say "no" to?
  • When did you stop "to smell the roses"?
  • What talent did you share with others?
  • What was your greatest "act of service"?

Congratulations, now you can move forward to 2011!  Best wishes for a powerful, productive, and passionate new year!

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