Have You Lost Your Mojo?? 3 Ways to get it Back!

Published on February 8, 2011 by Anne Raymond

Do you sometimes feel like you are suffering from a lack of energy and motivation?  Do you "think" you should be happy but sure don't feel that way?   Do you sometimes struggle with the lack of direction or meaning in your work and life while you try to keep up with your endless to-do list? 

You're not alone!  There is an epidemic of high-achievers that have lost their mojo - their energy, their motivation, and their zest for life!  People who have joined the "I've lost my MOJO club!" are there for a variety of reasons. Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

The first reason many have lost their mojo is working at full-speed for a long time.  You're in a competitive do-more-with-less environment where the volume and speed of work has  increased dramatically over the last decade. Thanks to technology and information overload, what our parent's generation dealt with in a year we sometimes deal with in a month (or even less)!    Many people are tired or completely exhausted ( and dare I say perhaps "burned-out"??).  If you're burning the mid-night oil, revving your day with extra coffee, and are just a tad grumpy to be around, then you may be a little run down!

The second reason for losing your mojo is doing something that you know how to do well but aren't loving it anymore.  You just don't "feel" quite right but don't know exactly why.  You've been successful in the past but just don't have the motivation and drive to keep going at high-achieving pace that you're used to.  You feel like things feel out of alignment and you're a bit stuck trying to figure out what direction to go in and what to do next.

The third reason people have lost their mojo is there just isn't a lot of meaning in their work or life!  You may be very successful at what you do but you've lost a little touch with what is really important and meaningful to you.  

The good news is that you can find your MOJO again and live a powerful, passionate, productive work and life.  Here are 3 ways to reclaim your MOJO:

1) Lighten The Load
Time to review everything on your plate and get a complete inventory of everything you need to do.  What can you simplify and ditch completely?  What can you delegate and outsource?  What can be automated?  Be creative and push yourself out of your comfort zone and give yourself a little breathing room.

Lightening the load also means that you can move from a reactive state of chaos to a controlled state of proactively doing things that are important.  It creates space for the brain to do "power-thinking" to create the most value and impact.

And most importantly, once things are back in a highly-productive state, you can give yourself a little break every once and a while! 

2)  Do What Makes You Feel "Strong"
There are many people that are doing things that they do really well but bores them to tears. How motivated can you get to do something that you don't like to do?   And how confident are you (do you sometimes feel a bit like a fraud?)?

What's another option?  What if you found your strengths that really made you STRONG?  Defining your strengths is this way, you would be your most productive, innovative, and creative at what you do. 

When you play to your strengths, you are in a  "zone" where you lose track of time and it doesn't really feel like work anymore.   Motivation is built right in so you don't have to look for it anymore. It naturally exists.  And as a bonus, you'll gain an authentic confidence that you didn't have before that will allow you to succeed with so much more ease.

Human capacity is the most underutilized resource in the world today. Strengths are not only what you need to get your own mojo back but it's also what your company needs for its competitive edge and what our society needs for high-achieving go-getters to lead our communities. 

3) Get A Healthy Dose of Meaning
Sometimes when you're racing from one thing to another, you don't slow down long enough to review and reflect what's most important! Starting with yourself, what gives you meaning in your work and life?  What small things can you add back into your life that will give it more meaning? 

How can you give back to other people? Who have you recognized for something well done?  Who have you supported or mentored lately? 

Doing something for a purpose or a cause can bring more meaning back in your life.  Where can you give back to your community or an organization you are passionate about?

An attitude of  gratitude goes a long way to changing your perspective in an instance.  When you appreciate your life, it will take on new meaning.  What you focus on expands and more gratitude will give you more meaning for yourself and those around you.