Leverage Your Time and Value By Outsourcing Things on the Home-Front!

Published on May 26, 2011 by Anne Raymond

Outsource, overloaded, mindsetI can remember the exact time when I was working from my home-office in Minneapolis and I was finishing one last thing before heading to the airport. The distinct sound of a lawn-mower filled my ears from next door.  I was travelling a lot globally in those days and the house-hold chores were falling behind.  I was spending more of my precious free-time when I was home doing the “mundane”.   I needed some more leverage!

I decided in that moment that I would investigate hiring the lawn-care providers next store. I walked outside and talked to the young man, discussed the rate, and he was willing to start right then!  Wow – that was SOOOO easy!  What a huge relief not to deal with this weekly chore anymore!  Taken care of!  Check!

When should you consider outsourcing more at home? Some clues you need more help are if you are working/travelling crazy hours;  you don’t get enough sleep;  you don’t spend enough time with your family (or close friends);  or you just don’t have enough time to relax and rejuvenate.

What do you need to know to outsource more things on the home-front??

Here are 3 things to consider:

1.  Know Where You ADD Value
One thing I notice with high-achievers is that they are very capable at doing many things.  This sometimes gets in the way of getting help to support the bigger picture.  I was quite capable and actually enjoyed mowing the lawn (I used to cut the grass for the parks department when I was growing up!), but it was not where I was providing the most value.  Be really clear on where you provide unique VALUE and what is most important to you so you can decide on the activities on the home-front that you can get help on.  As you get busier focusing on your unique value, you’ll need to ramp the help that you get at home!

2.  Change Your Mindset
The first time hiring someone to do something around my home was a big leap.  At the time, I had the thoughts of “What would my parents think?”, “It only takes a couple of hours, what’s the big deal to do it myself?”,  “Is my work-ethic going the way of the doe-doe bird?”.    Of course that sounds a bit silly now, but at the time, it was a big mindset shift!  You have permission to get the help you need and not drive yourself into the ground so you can focus on your value and have a life too!

3.  Make A List and Just Do It!
Make a list of all the things that you don’t like to do at home.  Once you have your list, see where you can simplify and systemize how you do those things.  Then it’s time to automate or outsource.  Consider looking at hiring services for dry-cleaning, laundry, groceries or food-prep or meal delivery, house-cleaning, renovations, lawn-care, gardening, etc., etc.  Be creative and then find referrals and trusted services that can help.  Be clear on what you want and need and iron out the kinks as you evolve!

I have shifted my focus to puttering in the garden which I still enjoy and focus on my passion of helping leaders and professionals get out of overload and lead powerful, passionate, productive work and lives!