Motivated Learning: Practice, Passion, and Fun !

Published on March 23, 2012 by Anne Raymond

We have gone from skiing on the hills to summer weather almost overnight.  We had "spring break" last week and it was hard to believe that we had enough snow to ski nearby!   At the end, the snow was only on the hill but it lasted enough to ski in short-sleeves!  I am definitely a spring-time fair-weather skier!

Our kids took snowboarding lessons for the first time and had a blast.  It was a great demonstration of motivated learning and it is always amazing to watch. 

To enjoy something so much that you are willing to fall down (literally) and get right back up and keep trying until you succeed.  They had so much fun and took every opportunity to practice  - like finishing lunch early and practicing again before their afternoon lesson started and then going back to the hill again on the final Sunday to get in the last few runs as we were packing up.  

My son has big plans now (he's 7 yrs old) )  ….next year he'll snowboard instead of ski, the year after he'll be freestyling (like this picture above – yikes!), and then in a few years he'll instruct!  What do you think the chance of all of this coming true?!  Well, with a plan AND determination AND motiviation to's definitely a real possibility!   

What beautiful music to my "coaching" ears!