Multiply Your Impact by Productizing Your Expertise!

Published on October 25, 2011 by Anne Raymond

I have been spending a lot of time lately working with clients and leading workshops on Personal Brands.  It’s the absolute key for any professional to understand their value and the specific measurable results they bring. One thing to think about is how do you multiply what you do to make a bigger impact and increase your credibility at the same time.

The idea is to leverage your knowledge, expertise, and experience and turn it into a "product" - something that you can give to people to help them get something done more quickly (with as little help from you).

If you can package what you know and provide it to others that use your service in an easy-to-use and valuable set of tools, it can change your role from "doing” all the work to a consulting role where you can advise others as needed.

The result?  It allows you to focus on high-impacting projects, get more done, provide your expertise to more people. It also allows you to increase your visibility by getting known as an expert in your field!

How to get started?  Here are 5 easy steps to “productize” what you know!

Your Assignment

Step 1: Research – Look for Patterns

Take a look at everything that you do and look for patterns on how you spend your time and share your expertise.  Here some questions to think about:

  • What question to you get asked over and over again?
  • How you can provide your expertise on high-end projects but bundle your knowledge in a way that others can do it with less complex projects or when you don't have the time?
  • What would help others automate what you do so they could do things on their own and get your advice on tricky situations?
  • What can you share “best practices” in your area of expertise?
  • What are areas that you want to be better known for?

Step 2: Write the Steps in a Logical Sequenc

Once you have determined a focus area for your “product”, keep track of the steps that you follow when you are doing it yourself.  The steps you naturally follow, you can turn into a tool or product that will assist others.

Step 3: Find the Right Delivery Vehicle

Next, you want to find the best way for you to deliver your product.  For example, it could be in the form of a presentation,  a tool or spreadsheet, an eBook, a set of guidelines, check-lists, a workbook, or a video/audio presentation.   What is easy to deliver and easy to maintain?

Step 4: Just Do It

Try an experiment by rolling something out and test it out with a few customers from your target audience. Think of the 80/20 rule - you've never cover every scenario but if you get most questions answered you'll be creating a ton of value! Get some feedback and evolve your product.

Step 5: Socialize and Spread the Word

You can do this through formal channels like meetings and presentations or informal channels like making a note in your email signature.  The sky is the limit to spreading your knowledge - be creative!

Good luck with creating your product that will create a ton of value and raise your visibility at the same time!

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