My Three Top Tech Apps That Allow Your Productivity To Soar!

Published on March 8, 2012 by Anne Raymond

The pace of the world has accelerated and doing more-with-less is the norm. Doing things different is a must to survive and finding every possible efficiency is essential. Using technology and apps that make things easier is a welcome relief. Check out these 3 apps that I now couldn't imagine living without either at work or on-the-move!

1) RoboForm

The RoboForm application stores all your passwords for websites and applications. This app automatically remembers the userid and password and will automatically enter it for you when needed. I use this application on my PC and access it from my toolbar. It can also be synchronized with an iPad and iPhone. This application has saved me so much time and frustration trying to find up-to-date usernames/passwords OR having to request a password reset for an account. I have over 100 passwords for web sites for my business, setting appointments, online banking and shopping,etc. and find this app invaluable. Thanks to my Virtual Assistant, Kristen Poborsky from for suggesting this one!


Cost for PC: $30; Mobile "Everywhere" Version Upgrade:$10-$20 Annually

2) Evernote

Evernote is an application where you can capture notes, ideas, pictures, web content or anything you like. It's a sophisticated note capture system but my favorite part is being able to access Evernote notes anywhere from any device. So I can make notes on my PC and then I have access to them from my iPhone and iPad. It's very handy to keep track of things but also to jot down ideas or work on things when you're on the go. One of my clients recommended this one and I have been using it ever since!


Cost: Free Trial (I think the basic version is free); You can upgrade to Premium with additional features for $45 annually.

3) iThoughtsHD

This application is for creative brainstorming using mindmaps. A mindmap essentially is a "brain-dump" of all your ideas on a particular topic so that you can take all your ideas and group them into a plan. You can do mindmapping on paper but it is handy to have it in an electronic format that you can edit on-the-go. Also, you can output the mindmap in a list format to formulate a plan and email it to yourself or others! Another client recommended this one!

App Store on iPad (through iTunes): iThoughtsHD around $10


I'm playing around with some voice recognition apps (speech-to-text) and will keep you posted (most of this newsletter was written with one!). If you love other apps, let me know as I'm always looking to do things differently and optimize my own performance as well as help my clients do the same!

I hope you enjoy your increased productivity with these apps.

Now is the time to think bigger and act bolder! Enjoy!