Need Energy? Get Back in Control with the 3C’s!

Published on October 6, 2011 by Anne Raymond

If you’re ever feeling bogged down, overloaded, or out-of-control, it’s time to get back to basics with the 3’Cs – your Calendar, your Contacts, and your Commitments! If these 3 things are clear and up-to-date, it’ll be easier to focus, make decisions quickly, and get the most important things done!

Once you have the 3 C’s as a  foundation, it's crystal clear what you're doing and when you’re doing them so you don't miss important meetings, calls, or deadlines.  You’ll be able to negotiate trade-offs more effectively with yourself, your family, and your boss/colleagues/customers.  You’ll have the complete picture to make decisions and you’ll have the tools in place to deal with unexpected emergencies and move quickly and seize the opportunity when it arises!

Most importantly, you’ll feel back in control and back in your own driver’s seat again!

Your Assignment:

Your assignment this week is to get your 3 C’s clear and up-to-date:

1.    Your Contacts
Do you have all your contacts in one place? This is really about being able to reach people quickly and easily from work, at home, or on the road (locally and internationally). It includes  EVERYONE that you know through work, associations, customers, suppliers, family and friends, doctors, babysitter, and emergency contacts.  This not only allows you to act quickly to get things done and to contact people when unexpecting things arise (like when my subway was delayed due to a fire and I had to delay a meeting) but also to ensure you extend your network of people, influencers, and mentors and keep in regular contact with them.  Not only include phone numbers (especially mobile numbers) but email addresses too.

2.    Your Calendar
You should have everything in one place so you can see your complete schedule at a glance. Include all recurring activities either daily, weekly, monthly or annually. At work, this includes group meetings, project milestones, customer trips, strategy sessions, leadership development, and weekly/monthly reviews (hint: this last one is the way that you keep these 3 C’s up-to-date!).  Also include your personal life like vacations, celebrations, holidays, fitness classes, and activities!

3.    Your Commitments
Most people don’t have a complete picture of everything on their plate.  Once you get everything down on paper, you dump a lot of brain clutter so you can get clear and focused. Know exactly what you have on your plate by doing a complete inventory - both professionally and personally! The biggest issue that most people have is too much to do which causes increased stress, exhaustion, and eventually burnout. The only way to determine what is the most important priority that has the biggest impact is to know the whole picture and make trade-offs and especially when the next request comes down the pipe!

Take care of your 3 C's and you will feel more in control, get more done with confidence and ease, and make a bigger impact!!!