The Ultimate Secret in Time Management: Set ROCKS in Your Schedule That You Won’t Move!!

Published on June 16, 2011 by Anne Raymond

Big Rock In SandDo you ever feel like you're so crazy busy that you hardly have time to THINK, let alone do anything for yourself.
You're definitely not alone!

At my recent laser-coaching intensive with a small group of amazing women on the move, this topic came up several times so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Have you ever been to a rocky beach at the ocean?  I once went to this amazing place called Tofino on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  It is a tiny, stunningly beautiful spot right on the Pacific Ocean.  The beach is rugged with huge rocks and boulders.  There are lots of smaller rocks and you can also walk on the sandy beach.  This beach is the perfect analogy to managing your time!

Imagine your time is the beach at Tofino!  The large rocks that are impossible to move represent the things that important and a priority for you.  The sand and the smaller rocks and pebbles are all the things that will fill in around your big rocks.
If you don’t set your rocks in your schedule ahead of time, then the sand will automatically fill in your time.  It always does…...

Here are 3 steps to managing your time by setting rocks in your schedule:

1)  First, decide on what is really important to do and plan ahead. You have to be clear on what you want.  Clarity always brings more focus!

2)  Set rocks in your schedule in chunks of time that are repetitive and become routine –each day, week, or month.  This is great for regular big “thinking” time to focus on something strategic OR “review and reset” times for getting and keeping on-track.

3)  Find a system that ensures the rocks don’t move! This is especially important for those things that you want to do but usually get squeezed out!   For most people, this involves more than just setting the time in their calendar but involves a commitment with a person that you don’t want to let down or a service that you’ve paid for.  The “system” could be setting a commitment with a customer, an accountability meeting with your coach, coffee with a buddy, or meeting with a friend to go for a walk.

Your Challenge: Set one big rock in your schedule starting next week. Make it repetitive and ensure that you have a commitment that you can’t get out of.  Try it out and let me know how it goes!