Tolerations : Increase Your Energy!

Published on May 15, 2012 by Anne Raymond

I have spent the last month tackling a long list of projects and tasks at the office and on the home-front that has unconsciously been zapping my energy! Some big stuff and some little stuff that I was tolerating which was also whirling around in my head and taking up space when I happen to notice it (or trip over it!).

Of course, most of items, I already had on a projects list(this is my big picture list) or a to-do list (weekly to-do list) but it still created some mental clutter even though it was written down in a safe spot. BTW, writing things down and getting them out of your head is the first step to reducing brain clutter!. You don't realize how much mental energy "incomplete" items take until you've tied a bow on the task or project and considered it done!

I want to upgrade my foundation so I can be proactive and focus on thinking bigger in my business and my life!!

What's on your spring list of things that you need to delegate, delete, simplify, or just get done???