What Makes A Successful Leader : Storm Basketball and Life Rules To Live By!

Published on April 12, 2011 by Anne Raymond

What makes a successful leader? One who is willing to take risks and make mistakes, be determined to work harder, and never give up (even when it's tough!). There is definitely a success mindset in every game - whether it's the game of basketball, the game of business, or the game of life.

During this basketball season, I had the opportunity to learn from an amazing Head Coach (Coach Dean) while helping coach my daughter's basketball team (9-10 year olds). The girls are at the beginning of an exciting basketball career and as coaches, we were determined to support them in their basketball skills but also in their attitude and self-confidence (on and off the court).

We had some sayings (thanks to Coach Dean) that we continually reinforced throughout the season and I thought I`d share them with you. They`re called the "Storm Basketball and Life Rules" and they apply to all of us - whether you're just staring out in basketball or leading a large organization!

Storm Basketball and Life Rules:

1.  Making Mistakes is How We Learn!

This was the first rule in our basketball season. It really became obvious that the girls on the team were self-conscience about making mistakes while learning new skills in front of their peers (doesn`t that sound familiar at any age??). They didn't want to look stupid or embarrass themselves. They were also shy about asking questions to clarify what they were learning. So we turned the 'art of making a mistake' into a positive. I can just hear Coach Dean remind the girls during our debrief after a game or practice "How do we learn?" and they would all chime in "...by making mistakes!". Doesn't that make you feel a whole lot better about all the mistakes (big and small) that you make in the world. I think if every adult had the same attitude, we'd be moving forward at a much faster rate. We`d look forward to learning at every step of the way, having success and failure, and learning from both. Always moving forward - not wallowing in the past or worrying so much about what others think. Take a risk, make a mistake, and move on....your success awaits you.

2.  Will NOT Skill Makes the Difference!

When up against a better skilled team, it's all in the "will" and the determination to win. Who's got more determination, who is willing to work harder at every rebound, every loose ball, every opportunity. You can learn skills - this takes practice - but real go-getters have the mindset of determination to get things done (especially when the going gets tough!).

3.  Never Give Up (Even When You're Behind!)!

This one came up during a tough game that we were behind at half-time. Our team didn't end up winning the game in the end but did outscore the other team in the second-half (this was a win in our eyes!). They showed us what a positive mindset of hope and resiliency can do in a game. It's all about the attitude and staying on course no matter what!

It was a fun basketball season and I learned a lot. Experience of what works as well as what doesn`t work allows for great success. Hope this allows you the opportunity to take a risk, learn from everything, and have a mindset of success in everything you do (just like our girls basketball team!).

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